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Has 10 years of zero growth damaged fundamental belief in property?

31 Oct 2018
Traditionally, property has always been a cornerstone of anyone's investment portfolio. But an investment demands a return. Since the financial crisis of 2008,

Don't write off Gen-X and baby boomer home buyers just yet

31 Oct 2018
The real estate industry should not write off Gen-X and 'boomer buyers just yet, says Rudi Botha, CEO of BetterBond.

The facts regarding Land Expropriation without Compensation

08 Oct 2018
As South Africa fast approaches the warmer temperatures of summer, the uncertainty regarding the above hot topics seems to be cooling.

Self-sustainable green homes are hot property

26 Sep 2018
Over the past couple of years, there has been a definite increase in the interest and demand for self-sustainable properties. This ranges from homes that are co

Creative ways to secure a property investment

30 Aug 2018
nvesting in property is invaluable, offering long-term rewards and is still regarded as one of the safest permanent investments.

Why you are not investing in property (and should!)

30 Aug 2018
If you think can't invest in property, you may want to think again

5 questions to ask before becoming a property investor

31 Jul 2018
Consider these tips before buying a property

1Positive about property: Here's why you don't need to panic

31 Jul 2018
Property is still a safe asset

What you need to know about "airbnb-ing" your property

30 May 2018
What you should know before you Airbnb your property

Report shows Cape Town central city still strong for investors

30 May 2018
Cape Town investment is strong
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